Statement of Focus

With a blending of abstract and realism, my work explores form, balance and the lines created when planes intersect. My goal for studying the figure through anatomy is to solidify a foundation of 'correctness' in my modeling, and to better inform my use of abstraction, although I prefer working with compositions that push the rules of anatomy, particularly with the female figure. Thighs that bell out like pillars, a torso that bends impossibly back from the pelvis, the omission of heads and limbs, a foot that is twisted in a way that could only mean "broken" in reality; these alternatives to naturalistic anatomy are rendered in a manner that clearly speaks of beauty and power rather than brokenness or perversion. The realities of these anatomical alterations are masked by a pleasing form sense. It is when, if at all, the viewer identifies the degree of separation from comfort these moments are proposing that one might notice the surprising lack of association with discomfort.

My artistic conversation is around the power rooted within the feminine spirit. The work is not an illustrated narrative, rather it is an essence that is made by a use of form sense that suggests stability, confidence and motion that guide the viewer across the landscape of the figure. The asymmetries are counterbalanced to convince the eye to see symmetry. The figures have a discernible weight to them that is grounding and speaks of strength, while the gesture of the body exudes movement and energy. The lines are meticulously modeled to transition seamlessly into planes and curves. The surfaces are smoothly refined to a degree so that nothing is left to detract from the intent. The use of color or material is a support of the particular energy of the piece. Primarily monochromatic, a piece may be white, red, concrete or gold, depending on the intended use for the energy it gives. With a forceful breath out, these compositions are an echo of my daily intentions.