Raised in southern California by a family of artists, Kelly Robert grew up in a world deeply driven by fine art, design, and manufacturing. Her first jobs were within the different departments of her father’s jewelry factory, giving Kelly a foundation in the process of production. She learned the creative side of the business including product design, fabrication, wax carving, mold making and lost-wax casting; as well as the marketing side of business including product presentation, trade shows and salesmanship. 

Kelly discovered a passion in sculpting at an early age. While she was designing her first line of jewelry for her father’s company at sixteen years old, she was also finding a love for sculpting the figure and decided to pursue this track. As part of her BFA majoring in sculpture, Kelly worked in clay, wood, stone, plaster, film and video, but especially found a drive towards the technical studies of metal working. At the Rhode Island School of Design she found a wealth of knowledge in the school’s foundry, learning blacksmithing, gas welding and bronze casting. With her background in jewelry production, Kelly was quickly able to utilize her casting skills on larger scale, running the school’s weekly bronze pours.

Kelly received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at the Rhode Island School of Design and her Visual Arts, K-12 Teaching Credential at California Sate University, Sacramento. She maintains her jewelry production and has been represented by over a hundred boutiques and museum stores across the United States. She has worked for a variety of artists in the fields of sculpture, jewelry and video production. With over twenty-five years dedicated to working in the arts and a love for sharing techniques, she has also brought her unique experience and enthusiasm into the high school classroom.

Kelly Robert is currently based in Brooklyn, New York, pursuing her Masters Degree at the New York Academy of Art with a concentration in figurative sculpture and anatomy.